Bianca Wickinghoff geb. 1974 in Essen
Diplom Designerin (FH) Düsseldorf (2008)
Vorstandsvorsitzende Clowns & Pferde -

Verein für Kunstförderung e.V. seit 2019

Inhaberin Galerie Clowns & Pferde seit 2012 
Freischaffende Künstlerin & Kuratorin seit 2006
Selbständige Kommunikationsdesignerin seit 2003

Einzel- und Gruppen-Ausstellungen:
2022 Stipendium Ministerin für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW
2021 #zerowasteart | Köln, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Münster, Nürnberg, München, Mannheim, Berlin, Germany
2020 Licht am Ende des Tunnels | Essen, Germany
2019 Zustandsraum | Essen, Germany 
2017 Tag im Park | Essen, Germany 
2017 Wem gehört die Kunst | Mülheim/Ruhr, Germany 
2017 Finow - ein happening | Essen, Germany 
2016 Küchenspsychologie | Essen, Germany 
2015 Das schöne Raumschiff kehrt zurück | Essen, Germany 
2014 C74 | Essen, Germany 
2014 viisikko | Galerie KARO| Essen, Germany 
2013 Out of the blue | Essen, Germany 
2013 Territory and Time | Essen, Germany 
2012 Extraschicht | Zeche Carl Essen, Germany
2012 Die Gentrifizierung von Frohnhausen | Essen , Germany 
2012 Verkerter Wald | Bochum, Germany 
2012 N.a.t.u.r. Festival | Rotunde Bochum, Germany 
2011 ruhrpuls festival | Rotunde Bochum, Germany 
2011 Wohntunnelwelt | Bochum, Germany 
2011 N.a.t.u.r. Festival | Rotunde Bochum, Germany 
2011 Freiraum2010 | Ex Lukas Kirche, Essen, Germany 
2010 A40 - Nachtisch | Essen Kulturhauptstadt 2010 , Germany 
2005 Appetithäppchen | Düsseldorf, Germany
2005 Jerusalem | FH Düsseldorf, Germany 

Artists statement

I became an artist, even though my parents have been artists (Schauspieler) and the very last thing they wanted for their kids was to become an artist. But it seems that you automatically walk the path that is familiar to you, even though you know, that it leads to failure. Maybe because I wanted to try to make it better or not really better but possible. So one part of me alway tries to proof, that it is possible to make a life out of art. Not in the financial way, but to do something with my life that makes sense.
To make art feels like, doing something that makes sense, in a way that it is not a common sense, but a personal feeling, that reassures me in my existence. To my chagrin, these moments are rare and brief. But it feels so good, that you try again and again, to receive that emotion.
I try to understand the world and our existence and it helps me to sort things out. Life often feels like total chaos because people act unpredictably. Mankind does many things that are completely meaningless in the order of nature, at least if you take the standard that nature is about survival. We produce an incredible number of things that we don't even need. As if we were obsessed with the magic to create something new out of nearly nothing, because the chemical industry is downright magical. 
And so a gigantic mountain of things is growing on this planet, which can only be transformed back into matter from the elements of nature with a lot of effort and time, which fits harmlessly into the environment. 
And that's only because we invented the category "waste" for a large part of the things we produce. 
A lot ends up on this heap although it is not broken at all. And it swallowed too much energy and resources for a very small and short-term task. 
I deal with these things: what has been sorted out, although it is not broken or too dirty. 
I look at their properties, shape and color or even their one-time task. I make collections and then eventually the collection makes sense to me and I tell a new story with those things. 
And that's how my art is created.
I use plastic-waste to build art-sculptures emerged from the history of our society in dealing with this material.